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My Tokyo 2023 AWS Summit takeaways

18 April 2023

My Tokyo 2023 AWS Summit takeaways

  1. AWS solutions are no longer commercialized versions of open-source projects, and to be fair, they probably haven’t been for a while. Kendra, Amazon’s intelligent enterprise search, although not cheap, stands out in particular as a new offering in a different league from Solr and Elastic Search.

  2. AWS has the most flexibility: AWS has more services, more solutions, in more locations compared to any other vendor.

  3. AWS individual machine learning solutions are not necessarily best in class (for example, Amazon Translate), but they are probably the easiest and quickest to put together in an end-to-end workflow.

  4. Like many other vendors, AWS is promoting automated, easy-to-use #machinelearning solutions such as Amazon Sagemaker and Forecast. Also, like with many other vendors, it is not clear how much risk the user is taking on...</div> </a> </section>